Share Your Thoughts on the Met Park Public Space Draft Design Concepts

Learn about and share your thoughts on two draft design concepts for the new Metropolitan Park Public Space. Get started by viewing the presentation below takes you through two draft design concepts called The Social Gardens and The Forest Walk. Both designs are informed by approved site plan conditions and community input from 1st quarter, 2020. Your feedback helps in the development of the Park Master Plan and design guidelines for this wonderful new community space.

These draft designs were inspired by your comments and questions! Dive into the presentation from Feb. 20 and the latest community comments that were gathered in person and online. 

Before you SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS , click on the video below to learn about the feedback we got from the first community engagement opportunity in February and then to see the two draft design concepts.

VIDEO: Metropolitan Park Public Space (Engagement Opportunity #2)

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Got a clarifying question? Check out our FAQ or EMAIL it in so that it can be added to the FAQ before public engagement opportunity #3 for the refined plan on June 10 . 

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