Share Your Thoughts on the Lubber Run Pedestrian Bridge Location Concept

A flash flood in 2019 destroyed two bridges in Lubber Run Park. Given community feedback, and staff and engineering recommendations, the project team has suggested a potential location for the replacement pedestrian bridge at Lubber Run Park. Tell us what you think by providing feedback on whether the proposed location for the bridge is appropriate and other thoughts on how to enhance the area. Your feedback will help determine if this location is the most suitable for improving accessibility to and through the park. Community feedback and other information can be found on the project page. Want to learn more about the existing conditions related to the project? Check out this video from the first engagement opportunity. 

Watch the video below to learn more about prior community feedback, engineering assessments, the proposed bridge site and more. Once you're finished, please make sure to come back and SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS HERE

VIDEO: Lubber Run Park Pedestrian Bridge Project


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