Review the Proposed Rate Structure and Provide Comment

Last year we collected feedback on community values through a series of questionnaires. We asked you to complete questionnaires that aligned closest to the values you thought were important in the development of a rate structure. Specifically, we sought feedback on the following values:

  • Simplicity
  • Affordability
  • Conservation
  • Equity Across Customer Categories
  • Economic Development
  • Revenue Stability

Analysis of the feedback collected from respondents of the questionnaires, the RSCAG and internal stakeholders resulted in the prioritization of community values and revealed the following were the top prioritized values:

  • External Stakeholders (Questionnaire respondents, RSCAG) - Conservation, Affordability and Equity Across Customer Categories
  • Internal Stakeholders - Revenue Stability and Equity Across Customer Categories

While not one of the original community values, seasonal water use (irrigation, car washing, pools) or water that does not drain to the sanitary sewer was a top concern in comments from questionnaire respondents and is considered in the proposed rate structure for single-family residents.

Now we invite you to explore the proposed rate structure and see how the prioritized values have been incorporated. Once you have viewed the proposed rate and understand its impacts on your utility bill, tell us your thoughts on the proposed changes.

Participate by completing these three steps:

  1. View the proposed Rate by selecting your customer category below.

  1. Explore the impacts of the proposed rate structure using the Water Bill Calculator.

Arlington County Bill Calculator

  1. Share your feedback in a short questionnaire.