FY 2022-FY 2024 Capital Improvement Plan Feedback

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is the County’s multi-year plan for building, upgrading, or replacing County facilities and infrastructure. This includes maintenance shops and warehouses, fire stations, public safety buildings and assets, parks and fields, libraries, technology systems, and water, sewer, stormwater and transportation infrastructure. Typically, it is prepared every two years with any adopted general obligation bond referenda presented to voters in November.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a one-year CIP was adopted in FY 2021. This year, a multi-year CIP will be presented to the County Board, with the potential for any adopted bond referenda to be presented to voters in November 2021. The County will return to a full ten-year CIP in FY 2023. 

To develop the right plan for our community, we need to hear from you. Tell us your priorities. Given the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, where should we be making investments? Which projects remain critical to our community? Your input will help guide the County Manager’s development of the CIP, which will be presented to the County Board in May. 

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Find more information on the County’s Capital Improvement Plan on the County budget site. You can also learn about the County Manager's proposed FY 2022 operating budget.

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