Community Values

There are different ways of setting a rate structure for water and wastewater services. One way to think about the different structures is to explore the different community values they represent. A rate structure could promote conservation and reduced water use, or it might be structured to promote economic development. Rate structures can be created to emphasize more than just one value. It is important that any structure include three values:

  1. The rate structure must generate sufficient funds to cover the cost of providing water and wastewater to the community;
  2. The rate structure must be a structure that Arlington County can administer; and,
  3. The rate structure must be legally defensible.

When thinking about the values that guide rate structures, remember that some values may conflict with one another. For example, a rate structure emphasizing conservation would promote less water use, which might conflict with a value of ensuring consistent revenue from water use. A rate structure that promotes economic development could result in residents and businesses using more water; this would clash with the value of conserving water.

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