Aircraft Noise Mitigation Study

Arlington County and Montgomery County have jointly funded a study to identify, evaluate and propose mitigations to reduce aviation noise impacts on communities north of Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). The study will be conducted by ABCx2, who will provide technical resources to elected officials, staff, and the North of Airport Committee of the DCA Community Working Group.

The North of Airport Committee is made up of representatives of Montgomery County, Arlington County, Fairfax County and Washington, D.C. Feedback from members of these communities is sought as the team develops guiding principles by which future proposals will be measured.

Please Note: Helicopter noise is not part of the scope of work for this study. In addition, any flight procedures proposed to the FAA must meet flyability and safety design criteria and be endorsed by the DCA Community Working Group.

For more information and updates on the Aircraft Noise Mitigation Study, visit the NOWGEN-DCA Project siteAircraft Noise Updates, or email

Arlington County and Montgomery County, along with the study team, want to hear from you!