3901 N. Fairfax Drive Public Plaza Project

The 3901 Fairfax Drive Public plaza is an approximately .2-acre urban plaza located right across from Central Library. Neighbors, patrons of nearby businesses, and library goers can use this space to chat, play, or even get started on that new book they've checked out. We'd like to get a better understanding of your needs and interests to help inform it's design.

This project-- originating from the 2002 Virginia Square Plan-- was designed and approved in 2012. Changes to the building design and its uses prompted a reassessment of the plaza design. As a result, the developer's design team has provided two draft concepts to help envision what's possible for a new plaza that the community can enjoy. Please watch the video below to learn about the planning process in 2012, changes that were made to meet today's needs, and proposed layouts and uses. Your thoughts and feedback will help inform the final draft design which will be shared for comment later this fall.

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VIDEO: 3901 N. Fairfax Drive Public Plaza Design Concepts

NOTE: All proposed or potential elements are presented under the expectation that park users adhere to state and local guidance, social distancing, and necessary safety measures as long as communities are still impacted by COVID-19.

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