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Play Budget Director

What Would Your Priorities Be?

Last year, the County Manager’s Proposed Budget focused on making investments in the five priority spending areas listed below.

Priorities in Last Year’s Proposed Budget

  • Arlington Public Schools to support growing enrollment, including the opening of new school facilities
  • Infrastructure Maintenance – to keep aging roads, bridges, water mains, facilities and other infrastructure safe and in a state of good repair
  • Metro – to meet regional commitments to invest in the future of Metro
  • Housing Affordability – to make it easier for lower-income Arlingtonians to afford living here
  • Competitive Employee Compensation – to continue attracting and retaining talented staff, including public safety personnel
If you were budget director, what would you recommend as investment priorities for FY 2021?

You can choose any or all of the priorities from last year, or add new ones.

Submissions are closed.