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I want a rate structure that is simple to understand.

Easy for customers to understand and is easy to administer, like the County’s current rate structure.

Image of a tap pouring water into a container with the text: water rate - water used costs five dollars per 1000 gallons and sewer rate - nine dollars per 1000 gallons

For example, a residential family uses 20,000 gallons of water in a quarter. Using the simple rate structure, the customer would be charged for 20,000 gallons at the current water rate ($5.00x20) plus 20,000 gallons at the current sewer rate ($9.00x20) for a total of $280.

While a simple rate structure is easy to understand, it may not have the same degree of equity across ratepayers compared to more complicated rate structures. A simple rate structure might have a customer pay the same for their first gallon of water as they do for their millionth gallon. This system might not address how the amount of water used affects demand and burden on the system.

Submissions are closed.