Goal 4: Objective 1: Strategies 1-8

GOAL 4: Build community, promote wellness and ensure equal access for all

Objective 1. Emphasize equity in our planning of programs and public spaces. 

Strategy 1.  Identify underrepresented groups and help them participate and feel connected.

Strategy 2. Revise programming opportunities to reflect population changes, based on the best available demographic data.

Strategy 3. Assign roles to staff for conducting outreach.

Strategy 4. Study health equity statistics to help address disparities in health outcomes.

Strategy 5. Conduct fee reduction outreach and create an easier, more efficient fee reduction process for expanded access to programs and services.

Strategy 6. Continue to provide welcoming facilities and experiences.

Strategy 7. Conduct needs assessment with non-participants to better meet their needs.

Strategy 8. Improve access using data, technology and efficient processes.