Goal 3: Objective 1: Strategies 1-6

GOAL 3. Steward natural and historical resources

Objective 1.  Protect, restore, enhance and expand natural and historic resources, and increase resource-based activities 

Strategy 1.  Update the Urban Forest Master Plan and the Natural Resources Management Plan through a combined process

Strategy 2. Protect, restore and expand natural resources and trees

Strategy 3. Integrate natural resources, trees and natural resource interpretation into the design of public spaces

Strategy 4. Foster, develop, and promote nature-based education, recreation and training programming across ages and skill levels

Strategy 5. Promote conservation stewardship volunteerism that enables individuals and organizations to leave a positive legacy in the park system

Strategy 6. Develop a plan for the management of cultural, historic and archaeological resources that will address how the County will achieve the preservation, protection, conservation and interpretation of such resources on County-owned or managed land