Goal 2: Objective 1: Strategies 1-6

GOAL 2.  Provide excellent programs and services to meet community needs.

Objective 1. Plan, design, build and maintain programs and services to high standards to provide dynamic programming responsive and reflective of community needs. (Carryover objective from last Strategic Plan)


Strategy 1. Identify and respond to demand to provide a wide variety of programming for people of all ages, abilities and interests.

Strategy 2. Develop an annual programs and services plan that is responsive to changing demographics and supports accreditation standards.

Strategy 3. Create new partnerships/collaborations with other agencies, organizations, or individuals and evaluate current partnerships.

Strategy 4. Create systems and capacity to ensure successful program planning, coordination and evaluation.

Strategy 5.  Ensure program procedures include guidelines on safe interactions with the public.

Strategy 6. Address programming needs of historically underserved communities.