Goal 1: Objective 3: Strategies 1-6

GOAL 1.  Provide excellent places and spaces to meet community needs.

Objective 3. Plan and adjust public spaces for the needs of a growing and changing population, balancing natural resource protection, recreation needs and equity. 

Strategy 1. Complete construction of Long Bridge Aquatics and Fitness Center.

Strategy 2. Complete construction of Lubber Run Community Center.                     

Strategy 3. Begin near-term implementation of park master plans including Jennie Dean and Rosslyn Highlands.

Strategy 4. Identify existing grass fields to convert to synthetic turf and/or add lighting, utilizing criteria and methodology described in the PSMP.

Strategy 5. Explore new opportunities for space sharing with other public and private entities as a way to extend recreation capacity.

Strategy 6. Look for opportunities to preserve and expand natural resource areas through the CIP process.