Goal 1: Objective 1: Strategies 1-10

GOAL 1.  Provide excellent places and spaces to meet community needs.

Objective 1. Ensure equitable access for recreation, play and enjoying nature by adding and improving public spaces.  

Strategy 1. Add at least 30 acres of new public space over the next 10 years.

Strategy 2. Utilize level of service as a planning tool to manage public space assets efficiently.

Strategy 3. Ensure access to spaces that are intentionally designed to support casual, impromptu use and connection with nature.

Strategy 4. Explore opportunities to expand or add recreational facilities and improve efficiency.

Strategy 5. Make better use of existing public spaces through system-wide planning and investments in facilities.

Strategy 6. Provide more support services and amenities for public space users.

Strategy 7. Strive for universal access.

Strategy 8. Ensure and enhance access to the Potomac River, Four Mile Run and their tributaries, while improving the tree, canopy, native vegetation and other natural resources along waterways.

Strategy 9. Strive for a more attractive and sustainable public space system.

Strategy 10. Enhance spaces with temporary uses and "pop-up" programming.