How Should We Charge for Water and Wastewater Services?

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Select the "Community Values" card below to provide feedback through a series of very short questionnaires. We encourage you to complete one or more of the questionnaires that align closest to your values. In addition, there is a Water & Wastewater Resource page link below which will direct you to a page containing basic information on the County's Water and Wastewater services and rates. You can visit the Water & Wastewater 101 resource page first or jump right into the questionnaires. And just for fun, test your water knowledge by selecting the "Water Trivia" card before you leave the site. Thank you for engaging with us.

Arlington County’s Department of Environmental Services (DES) is reviewing the current rate structure for water and wastewater services. The term rate structure describes how customers are charged for these services. It is different from your rate, which is the amount of money you are charged.

Learn more about rates by visiting our Water & Wastewater 101 resource page:

Resources: Water & Wastewater 101

You can be a part of this very important project by providing feedback today that will help us prioritize the community’s values. Later in the process, you will see these values reflected in the rate structure alternative(s) proposed by the project team.

Community Values

We want to hear from you about which values you think are important to consider in the development of a rate structure. Do you want a bill that is easy to understand? Do you want to be rewarded for using less water? Is it important that costs are equitably distributed across types of customers?

Water Trivia

Do you know where your water comes from? Do you know how much water you use daily? Test your water knowledge and learn something new here!